Stone Design Art Studio == modern stone mosaic, artists Ewelina Wrona and Michal Kotula.


In Stone Design Art Studio we make a wide use of modern stone mosaic, which has become for us a remarkable challenge and a new experience in the field of art and design. The introduction of stone as a unique and durable decorative element allows for the creation of a high quality space. The mosaic may be framed and fitted into a wall, floor, ceiling and even utilitarian objects (such as a table top) in the form of a picture. Its use is limited only by the imagination of the artist and the criteria set by the customer. We can fill practically any space with it. Additionally, as stone is resistant to atmospheric conditions, stone mosaics can be also placed outdoors.


Our main goal is to create a line of original designs and compositions, thus maintaining uniqueness, as well as high artistic and technical quality. What we have in common is knowledge, commitment and great enthusiasm.


The Stone Design team is composed of two artists: the designer and painter Ewelina Wrona and Michał Kotula - painter, sculptor and artwork restorer.

tekst alternatywny
tekst alternatywny

Stone Design Art Studio

Archikwant Michał Kotula

41-908 Bytom, ul. Wiśniowa 41

NIP: 6262677681  POLAND


Tel.: (+48) 504 914 391